Items to Bring

Q: Do I need to bring my own linens?  If I buy them on campus, how much will they cost?

A: The UNI Residence halls will not provide linens.  You will need to bring your own or you can buy them on campus or at a local store for approximately $55.00.  


Q: What type of clothing should I pack? What kind of weather does Cedar Falls have?

A: Because Iowa is located in the Midwest, we experience a wide range of temperatures.

In the Spring and Summer months (April – September), you should plan to have short-sleeve shirts and other clothing items of a light material. Temperatures during these months can range between 55 and 95 degrees Fahrenheit (12 to 35 Celcius). You may also want to have a light jacket and an umbrella for rainy days.

For the Fall and Winter months (October – March), you should plan to have lots of heavy clothing, including a thick coat, hats and gloves. Temperatures during these months can range between -15 and 50 degrees Fahrenheit (-26 to10 Celcius).

We experience rain and snow frequently throughout the year, but have plenty of sunny days, as well! Most students on UNI’s campus dress in informal clothing, including t-shirts, denim jeans, cotton sweatshirts and leather athletic shoes.

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