Admission Requirements

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All applications for admission into the Culture and Intensive English Program must be completed and returned to the CIEP at least 2 months prior to the starting date of classes.  

To be eligible for the CIEP, students must:

New CIEP students are expected to have the following abilties prior to beginning their first session:

  • fluently read and write in a first or native language.
  • pronounce, recognize and spell basic words in English (for example, words related to personal information, likes, dislikes, and common objects).
  • comprehend and respond correctly to highly simplified oral questions in English (for example, questions about name, age, country, likes, dislikes, etc.). 
  • read simple texts in English from left to right.

To be admitted to the CIEP, students must submit:

Applicants requiring special accommodations due to their physical or learning disabilities are welcome to apply for admission; however, the CIEP determines whether or not the program can accommodate their special needs. Students with disabilities not communicating their special needs requirements prior to their arrival to the CIEP would likely be counseled about the benefits of the program to the student.

Conditional Admission to the University of Northern Iowa:  Please note that admission into the Culture and Intensive English Program does not constitute admission into any other academic program at the University of Northern Iowa (UNI).   If you are interested in receiving conditional admission to UNI, please visit: