Posted on Thursday, July 25th, 2013
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These courses prepare students to understand and interact with a variety of writing styles and texts which increase in complexity and length as students advance through the program. Students in all levels work to increase vocabulary and learn strategies for understanding word meanings, understanding construction of sentences, and processing and analyzing texts for better comprehension. As students progress through the levels and work with more challenging texts, the goal remains to increase comprehension and reading speed.

  • In the beginning levels, students work to understand parts of speech, sentence construction, dialogs, and dictionary usage.
  • Later, in intermediate levels, students use strategies like skimming, surveying, previewing and identifying main and supporting ideas in texts. Also, intermediate level students draw conclusions, inference, and analyze syntactic structures.
  • Finally, in the highest level, students summarize and gloss texts in order to identify key concepts, take notes, and prepare for essay exams.

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