Intensive Business English Program

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The UNI Culture and Intensive English Program offers a special program designed to enable international students majoring in business or related careers to communicate effectively in English in the business world. In the IBEP, students will not only improve their language skills in business English classes, but also through visits to local businesses and transnational companies, lectures, and workshops provided by experienced company managers and business professors. 

The course work introduces and builds upon students’ current knowledge of practical global American English business vocabulary, terminology, idiomatic expressions, conversations, and presentations. The program provides students with articles, textbook excerpts, vocabulary and terminology specifically related to the companies, small businesses, historical and governmental areas they will visit in order to familiarize themselves with these organizations. Students are required to take notes, ask questions, participate in discussions, and report on their findings when visiting these sites to indicate their understanding of what they have learned.

In order to be admitted to a CIEP Immersion program, you must meet all requirements to be accepted into the CIEP and must be affiliated with the institution for which the customized special program was developed.

**Program cost includes all tuition, fees, SEVIS fee, room & board, culture activities, business trips, welcome reception, farewell party, airport pick-up service. There is a $275.00 deposit (CIEP accepts check, credit card, money order or wire transfer). 

View the Intensive Business English Program brochure here.