Culture and Intensive English Program

Claudia Jimenez de la Hoz


BA in Modern Languages

International Experience: 

This is my first teaching experience abroad Colombia. However, I had been enrolled as a student in a summer course in a community college here in the US in 1995. In 2017, I had another summer academic preparation prior to my graduate studies in a college at the Rochester Institute of Technology, and a teaching seminar week at Harvard. Some other international experience that impacted my professional and personal life was a one-month course about the policies and use of online education developed in South Korea in 2013.

Why do you enjoy working with International Students: 
Every international student is a possible representative of his native culture and at the same time, he brings a self single story to learn about. I realize all cultures express similar feelings in different ways which make the culture valuable. From my perspective as a language teacher, I love to help my international students to know more about life and English language in the United States as what I have learned and lived.