Staff Handbook


The CIEP Staff handbook includes detailed information about the CIEP's policies and services as well as helpful tools for staff members. View the 2016-2017 Staff Handbook in full-screen here or view in PDF format

2016-2017 Staff Handbook:


A-1International Student Health Insurance Waiver
A-2Requests & Concerns Form
A-3Student Grievance Form
A-4Student Advising Form
B-1Academic Support Coordinator Job Description
B-2Academic Support Specialist Job Description
B-3Academic Support Assistant Job Description
B-4Program Assistant Job Description
B-5Director Job Description
B-6Academic Assessment Specialist Job Description
B-7Promotions & Admissions Specialist Job Description
B-8Student Services Coordinator Job Description
B-10Self-Appraisal Form
B-11P&S Performance Appraisal
B-12Letter of Intention for Class Observation
B-13Background Information for Observation
B-14Suggestions for Presenting Useful Feedback after In-class observations
B-15Teacher Observation Form
B-16Post Observation Teacher Followup Plan
B-17Instructor-Class Evaluation Form
B-18Instructor-Class Evaluation Item Analysis Sheet
B-20Staff (Teacher) Feedback Form
B-21Vacation Request-Sick Leave Report
B-22Secretary Job Description
B-23Merit Two-week Discussion Guide
B-24Merit Three Month Evaluation
B-25Merit Six Month Evaluation 
B-26Merit Annual Performance Appraisal
B-27New Employee Checklist
B-28Supervisor Checklist
B-29 Emergency Procedures Reference Guide
B-30P&S Grievance Form
B-31Merit Grievance Form
B-32Checklist for Employees Leaving UNI
B-33CIEP Student Employee Performance Appraisal
B-34CIEP Student Employee Code of Conduct
B-35CIEP Student Employee Self Appraisal
B-36CIEP Travel Guidelines Checklist
B-37Travel Authorization Form
C-1CIEP Floor Plan


UNI Instructional Computer Labs



Bridge Letter

TESOL Observation Sign up Sheet

E-1Practicum Student Evaluation

CIEP Textbook Selection & Evaluation Form

E-3CIEP Proficiency Scale and Descriptors