Culture and Intensive English Program

Tom Riedmiller

Landstuhl, Germany
  • M.S. Curriculum and Instruction/ TESOL– Radford University
  • B.A. Theater and Speech Communication/German–Cornell College
International Experience: 

Because I was born in Germany, I got to travel to a lot of places when I was very young.  For example, I remember enjoying the Louvre art museum in Paris, France because it was not only a beautiful place, but it was also a place my favorite comic book character, Dennis the Menace, visited.  Since my parents loved to travel, they also encouraged me to travel when I was older. I've been to the UK, South America, Japan, China, Germany, France, Russia and Czech Republic. As far as teaching goes, my first teaching job was in Japan where I spent two years teaching in Wakayama and Osaka.  I later taught in the US for two years and then back to Germany where I taught at the Technical University of Dresden.   I've been teaching at UNI for several years and during my time here I've had the chance to teach and visit Arica, Chile and St. Petersburg and Moscow in Russia.


Why do you enjoy working with International Students: 
One day a friend of mine said, “Your classroom is like a map of the world…every day is like a vacation!" First, I laughed at him and then I understood what he was saying. I do enjoy working with international students because of the variety of people I meet every term. No two semesters are alike and that variety, the chance to meet so many different people, is exciting and wonderful. That’s why every day is like a vacation.