Culture and Intensive English Program

Teacher Training

The UNI CIEP Immersion Program with a focus on teacher training is a short-term (3-6 week) study abroad experience for current teachers, as well as students who are interested in a career in education. This UNI CIEP Immersion Program is an excellent opportunity for individuals interested in immersing themselves in U.S. American culture while improving their teaching skills. Participants in the program will practice teaching strategies and action plans in one or more workshop areas. The UNI Culture and Intensive English Program can offer workshops in course development and classroom management, including listening/speaking activities in the classroom, teacher reflection, and strategies for dealing with plagiarism, teaching large classes, teaching classes of mixed experience, and getting students interested in the coursework.

Students sit at classroom tables

While attending the Teacher Training Immersion Program, students will:

  • Participate in mentor programs with University of Northern Iowa faculty members

  • Take Intensive Academic English courses

  • Focus on teaching skills in one or more of the program’s workshop areas

  • Be immersed in U.S. American culture

  • Visit educational institutions in the U.S.

  • Participate in a conversation partner program

  • Meet U.S. faculty, teachers, and local families

  • Meet other UNI CIEP students from around the world

  • Gain access to University resources