Posted on Thursday, July 25th, 2013
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Writing courses use a communicative approach to help students practice, study, and review grammatical structures by offering opportunities for use both inside and outside of class. Instruction focuses on practicing recognition and production of structures by using structures learned in class and applying them to writing class assignments.  These courses prepare students to plan, write, and revise their own compositions following the standards of academic English.

  • In the beginning levels, students learn to build simple sentences using a variety of verb tenses, word forms, capitalization, and punctuation rules. Students will write about everyday topics while practicing sentence structures.
  • In the intermediate levels, students build complex and compound sentences, expand their knowledge of verb tenses, and work with clauses-level grammar. Students write weekly journals and work on paragraph development.
  • Finally, advanced level students master complex and compound sentences, learning such structures as conditionals and modifying phrases. Students learn to write compositions in various academic styles (narration, classification, process, etc.).  In the highest level, students research, write, and present a pre-selected topic in proper academic style.

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