Can courses from another college/university transfer and be substituted for the UNI endorsement courses?

It depends. Courses from other regionally accredited institutions will be evaluated to determine possible equivalent courses at UNI. Professional development workshops and Area Education Agency courses/workshops cannot be substituted. However, courses that typically count for graduate credit toward a master's degree at UNI may transfer if the course content can be matched to one of the gifted education endorsement courses. Please provide the institution and course number. The course description and the syllabus may be necessary for us to determine eligibility for substitution. You may have to ask your institution to complete a Graduate Transfer Evaluation Form. No transfer courses may be substituted for the practicum, which capstones our endorsement program and applies learning from the other courses. Substitution of transfer credits can be for a maximum of one of UNI's courses for the gifted education endorsement.