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Academic Term Subj Area Catalog Nbr Section Title Inst. Mode Location Start Date End Date Instructorsort icon
Fall 2015 SPED 6293 01 Qualitative Research in Special Education Online Online Aug 24 Dec 18 Petersen
Ongoing PSYCH 1001 Introduction to Psychology GIS Web Online Peterson
Ongoing PSYCH 2302 Psychology and Law GIS Web Online Peterson
Fall 2015 PSYCH 2302 01 Psychology and Law Online Online Aug 24 Dec 18 Peterson
Fall 2015 PSYCH 6005 60 Psychology, Law and Philanthropy Online Online Oct 19 Dec 18 Peterson
Summer 2015 ENGLISH 6233 60 Workshop: The Teaching of Writing and Learning (IWP Level 1 Institute) In Person Off Campus-Other Jun 15 Jul 2 Powell
Summer 2015 MGMT 6250 60 Strategic Planning & Organizational Analysis In Person Off Campus-Other Jul 26 Sep 5 Power
Fall 2015 TECH 6275 60 Advanced Lean Manufacturing Online Online Aug 24 Dec 18 Pramanik
Ongoing MATH 1100 Mathematics in Decision Making GIS Web Online Prophet
Ongoing STAT 1772 Introduction to Statistical Methods GIS Web Online Prophet
Fall 2015 MKTG 6170 60 Marketing Management In Person Off Campus-Other Nov 1 Dec 12 Rajendran
Fall 2015 TECH 3148 01 Machine Design Online Online Aug 24 Dec 18 Rao Posinasetti
Fall 2015 SPED 5140 60 Services to Families with Infants and Toddlers with Disabilities Online Online Aug 24 Dec 18 Raschke
Fall 2015 SPED 5192 60 Experience in Special Education: Birth - Age 3 In Person Off Campus-Other Aug 24 Dec 18 Raschke
Summer 2015 ELEMECML 4123 61 Methods of Teaching Visual and Performing Arts Integration in the Elementary Classroom Online Online May 11 Jun 19 Renning
Summer 2015 TEACHING 3134 60 Elementary Teaching In Person Off Campus-Other May 11 Jun 19 Renning
Ongoing CRIM 2112 White Collar Crime GIS Web Online Rhineberger-Dunn
Ongoing CRIM 2025 Criminology GIS Web Online Rhineberger-Dunn
Summer 2015 LITED 7310 60 Coaching in the Comprehensive Literacy Model Online Online Jun 23 Aug 14 Rich
Fall 2015 LITED 7304 60 Literacy Leadership I In Person/Online Online Aug 24 Dec 18 Rich