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View our Spring 2014 courses.

Academic Term Subj Area Catalog Nbrsort icon Section Title Inst. Mode Location Start Date End Date Instructor
Summer 2014 SPED 4153/5153 60/60 Introduction to Assistive Technology for Instruction ICN Multi-site Location Jul 7 Jul 26 Ford
Summer 2014 SPED 6260 61 Special Education Law and Policy In Person/Online Online Jun 9 Aug 1 Etscheidt
Summer 2014 SPED 4133/5133 60 WKSP: Inclusion and Communication for All Students In Person UNI Jun 23 Jul 11 Petersen
Summer 2014 SPED 5187 60 Teaching Preschool and Elementary Students with Severe Disabilities Online Online Jul 7 Aug 1 Henninger
Summer 2014 SPED 5184 60 Professional Interdisciplinary Relationships in Special Education ICN Multi-site Location Jun 10 Jun 26 Ford
Summer 2014 SPED 4152/5152 60/60 Community Resources ICN Multi-site Location May 12 Jun 6 Raschke
Summer 2014 SPAN 4045/5045 60 Translation Online Online May 12 Jun 6 Cooley
Ongoing SOCFOUND 4134/5134 History of Education GIS Web Online Open Open Boody
Ongoing SOC SCI 1020 Women, Men and Society GIS Web Online Open Open Cunningham
Ongoing SOC 1060 Social Problems GIS Web Online Open Open Stalp
Ongoing SOC 2030 Sociology of Families GIS Web Online Open Open Cunningham
Ongoing SOC 3170/5170 Seminar in Sociology: Social Movements and Collective Action GIS Web Online Open Open Chananie-Hill
Ongoing SOC 1000 Introduction to Sociology GIS Web Online Open Open Stalp
Summer 2014 SOC 1000 01 Introduction to Sociology Online Online May 12 Jun 6 Baker
Summer 2014 SLS 5115 60 Organization of Information Online Online Jun 9 Aug 1 Cotton
Summer 2014 SLS 6230 60 Technologies for Libraries Online Online Jun 9 Aug 1 Newgard
Summer 2014 SLS 6299 60 Research In Person Off Campus-Other May 12 Aug 1 Donham
Summer 2014 SCI ED 5133 60 WKSP: Applications of Business and Industry in Science Education In Person Off Campus-Other Jun 9 Aug 1 Lang
Summer 2014 SCI ED 6800 60 Teaching-Learning Models in Science Education Online Online Jun 9 Jul 3 Boesdorfer
Summer 2014 SCI ED 4133/5133 61 Workshop: Engineering Design for the K-12 Science Classroom In Person UNI Jul 21 Jul 25 Boesdorfer