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Courses listed below include include semester-based courses and Guided Independent Study (GIS) courses. Enroll in a GIS course at any time and take up to nine months to complete your coursework.

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Academic Term Subj Area Catalog Nbr Section Title Inst. Mode Locationsort icon Start Date End Date Instructor
Ongoing CAP 3140 Environment, Technology and Society GIS Web Online Kashef
Ongoing ELEMECML 4123/5123 Methods of Teaching Visual and Performing Arts Integration in the Elementary Classroom GIS Web Online Tallakson
Ongoing FAM SERV 1020 Family Relationships GIS Web Online Eshbaugh
Ongoing GEOG 1110 World Geography GIS Web Online Fryman
Ongoing HPE 4186/5186 Studies in Consumer Health for Educators GIS Web Online Roberts-Dobie
Ongoing HUM 1023 Humanities III: Age of Revolution to the Present GIS Web Online Swan
Ongoing SOC 1000 Introduction to Sociology GIS Web Online Stalp
Ongoing TECH 3181/5181 Instructional Design for Career and Technical Education GIS Web Online Kashef
Ongoing TECH 3191/5191 Implementing Career and Technical Programs GIS Web Online Kashef
Ongoing LYHS 4186/5186 Studies in Leisure Education Media Literacy and Celebrity Influence GIS Web Online Dieser
Ongoing PEMES 4186/5186 Studies in Coaching and Sport Management GIS Web Online Shaddox
Ongoing LYHS 4186/5186 Studies in Electronic Communication, Youth Development and Generation X, Y and Z GIS Web Online Kowalski
Summer 2016 ANTH 3137 60 Native Central and South America Online Online Jun 6 Jul 1 Woodrick
Ongoing ANTH 4016/5016 Climate Change, Human Migration and Conflict GIS Web Online Grey
Ongoing ENGLISH 3186 Studies in Technical Writing GIS Web Online Groninga
Ongoing TECH 3182/5182 Coordination of Techniques in Career and Technical Programs GIS Web Online Morley
Summer 2016 ELEMECML 3164 60 Teaching Elementary School Social Studies Online Online May 9 Jun 3 Johnson
Summer 2016 LITED 3116 60 Methods of Teaching Content Literacy in the Intermediate Grades Online Online Jul 5 Jul 29 Weih
Summer 2016 TEACHING 4170 60 Human Relations Online Online May 9 Jun 17 Davidson
Summer 2016 TESOL 4120/5120 60 Introduction to Linguistics Online Online Jun 6 Jun 30 Roberts