Instructional Technology (MA)

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2017 Cohort

Tentative course schedule

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Fall 2017

INSTTECH 5131 Exploring Issues and Trends in Instructional Technology -- 3 unit(s)

This course prepares educators to critically examine contemporary issues, current research, and emerging trends in instructional technology. It involves investigation of historical technology uses, impact of emerging technologies on teaching and learning, and strategies for making informed decisions concerning equity, ethics, enhancing the curriculum. Prerequisite(s): junior standing.

INSTTECH 5153 Using Digital and Social Media in Education -- 3 unit(s)

Integrating leading-edge research about emerging digital and social media with hands-on experience. Study of emerging applications and instructional implementations. Students create an interactive instructional environment and document their pedagogical choices. Prerequisite(s): INSTTECH 1030 or INSTTECH 4139/5139; junior standing; consent of instructor.

Spring 2018

INSTTECH 5139 Planning and Producing Instructional Media -- 3 unit(s)

Teaches planning and production steps essential for creating instructional multimedia projects. Students produce a real-world instructional multimedia product using the framework of the AECT instructional technology standards. Lab as arranged. Prerequisite(s): INSTTECH 1020 or INSTTECH 1031 or consent of instructor; junior standing.

INSTTECH 6240 Understanding Instructional Design -- 3 unit(s)

Students will apply a systematic instructional design model from the initial analysis through design, development and evaluation. Students will master the fundamental practices upon which the instructional design process is based.

Summer 2018

INSTTECH 5110 Developing and Designing Online Learning -- 3 unit(s)

Explore online learning and the special needs/concerns of teaching at a distance. Students will be actively involved in creating effective distance education; engaging online learners; addressing learner needs, and fostering interactive learning environments. Prerequisite(s): junior standing.

MEASRES 6205 Educational Research -- 3 unit(s)

An introduction to research methods relevant to educational research with an emphasis on how these methods address the challenges of conducting research in applied settings such as schools. Course content includes a survey of major types of research designs (both quantitative and qualitative) and their associated approaches for minimizing bias, establishing validity, collecting data, and drawing conclusions. A primary goal of this course is to equip students with an understanding of basic concepts and tools so they can systematically locate, efficiently read and critically evaluate empirical research studies.

Fall 2018

INSTTECH 6208 Enhancing Learning Through Action Research -- 3 unit(s)

Engages in critical reflection to change, and designs and conducts a research cycle of acting, observing, and reflecting. Provides the basis for planning and completing action research. Prerequisite(s): INSTTECH 6240.

INSTTECH 6232 Selecting and Integrating Instructional Technologies -- 3 unit(s)

Examines new technologies that generate need for new literacies for 21st century students. Includes procedures for selection and integration of instructional technologies to support learning.

Spring 2019

INSTTECH 6237 Leading Change Through Instructional Technology -- 3 unit(s)

Examination of the many roles assumed by a technology coordinator in an educational setting. Exploration of the processes of technology planning, management and support in both theory and through practical applications.

INSTTECH 6250 Writing a Graduate Paper/ePortfolio -- 3 unit(s)

Refines skills in writing a Masters Literature Review: researching, reading, writing and formatting a paper. Masters ePortfolio is organized, formatted and development begins.

Summer 2019

INSTTECH 6299 Research

Students will complete their masters literature review/project report/original research/journal article during this course. It should be taken in the final semester of your program. Prerequisite(s): consent of department.

-- 3 unit(s)

Thesis option is available and will be determined on an individual basis. This option may require students to complete additional units of credit.

Course delivery

Courses are offered online using eLearning, a Blackboard learning management system requiring Internet access and a web browser. Most courses also meet via interactive video conferencing, with fall and spring sessions held on Tuesday nights. Six-week summer sessions may be held weekdays and may include optional in-person instruction on the UNI campus. While most students encounter very few technical difficulties with our online courses, our team of support specialists is available to assist you as needed.

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