School Library Studies MA - Application Writing Exam Instructions

If you have submitted an application and transcripts to the UNI Graduate College and you meet the admission requirements (3.0 minimum grade point average in a degree program - Bachelor’s or Master’s; and completion of a program for initial licensure as a teacher), you are ready to complete your application with the required writing exam.

Exam requirements

This exam will be evaluated on Content, Organization, Style and Correctness of Expression. 

    • You will need to be in a room with a computer.
    • The proctor will be with you for the duration of the exam.
    • No external information or Internet access will be allowed.
    • A maximum of 60 minutes will be allowed for the exam.

Proctor information

A proctor can be:

    • A School Administrator
    • A Public Librarian
    • A Guidance Counselor
    • A College, Community College or University Faculty Member

Please send the name, position, e-mail address, and phone number of your proctor to

Your proctor will receive details and instructions. If they have not received this information in a timely manner, please have them call 319-273-2050.

Your Proctor will be expected to submit your exam by e-mail to


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