Iowa Reading K-8 Endorsement

2015 Cohort

Tentative course schedule

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Summer 2015

LITED 6240 Language Development and Variability -- 3 unit(s)

Exploration of research on factors generally associated with variability in language and literacy development, on methods designed to promote language and literacy development and on roles of teachers and parents in promoting this development in children with differences. Prerequisite(s): graduate standing, previous course work in literacy education or consent of instructor.

LITED 6245 Ideological, Cultural and Sociopolitical Issues in Children's Literature -- 3 unit(s)

Advanced literacy course exploring ideological, cultural, social and political issues in children's literature. Study in sociocultural contexts of literacy instruction, with critical analysis of literature as an instrument to inform and transform life as well as learning. Prerequisite(s): LITED 1044 or consent of instructor.

Fall 2015

LITED 4140/5140 Assessment and Evaluation of Literacy -- 3 unit(s)

Introductory course in evaluating reading, writing, and language of individual children through formative and summative assessments and instruction within a classroom setting. Includes group and individual evaluation, informal assessment procedures, selection of materials, and instructional strategies to meet the needs of individual learners.

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Spring 2016

LITED 4147/5147 Advanced Literacy Practices -- 3 unit(s)

Selection, implementation, and interpretation of a variety of reading, writing, and language arts assessment procedures; small group literacy instruction, and, the development and implementation of effective individualized instructional programs. Prerequisite: LITED 4140/5140

LITED 4192/5192 Experience in Literacy: Tutoring -- 3 unit(s)

Supervised tutoring in the University Reading Center or in a public school reading center. Coregistered with LITED 4147/5147

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For 5-12 regular classroom teachers, these courses will fulfill a portion of the licensure requirements. Please ask your undergraduate institution to analyze transcripts to verify the courses required.

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