Technology Management (BA)

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2016 Cohort

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Fall 2016

STAT 1772 Intro to Statistical Methods -- 3 unit(s)

Descriptive statistics including correlation and curve fitting. Intuitive treatment of probability and inferential statistics including estimations and hypothesis testing. No credit for students with credit in STAT 1774. Students with credit in STAT 3770/5770 should not enroll in STAT 1772.

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TECH 1065 Technology in Society and Organizations -- 3 unit(s)

Study of technology in society and the workplace, including selection, utilization, management, impact, and optimization. Focused experiences will facilitate technological literacy

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Spring 2017

HUM 3121 Russia/Soviet Union -- 3 unit(s)

Interdisciplinary examination of the culture, history, geography, economy, political system, and society of Russia and the Soviet Union.

TECH 3142 Statistical Quality Control -- 3 unit(s)

Application of quality concepts to manufacturing environment using statistics, sampling techniques, probability, and control charts. Calculation and interpretation of process capability, design of experiments, and continuous improvement. Prerequisite(s): MATH 1140 or MATH 1150 or MATH 1420 or STAT 1772.

Summer 2017

SOC SCI 1020 Women, Men, and Society -- 3 unit(s)

Examination of key issues of gender. Attention to variety of topics including ethical issues and gender roles, gender-role stereotyping, male and female roles, sexuality, gender roles in non-western and minority cultures, and gender roles in United States institutions (e.g., in the nuclear family, religion, and the work place).

TECH 3143 Managing Operations and Manufacturing Systems -- 3 unit(s)

Analysis and management of manufacturing functions. Topics include: forecasting, project management, operations cost analysis, plant layout, process planning, quality control, total quality management, statistical process control, inventory management, materials requirement. Prerequisite(s): MATH 1140 or MATH 1150 or MATH 1420 or STAT 1772.

Fall 2017

PHYSICS 1511 General Physics I -- 4 unit(s)

Algebra-based introductory course covering Newtonian mechanics, gravitation, and thermal physics. Emphasis on conceptual understanding of physical principles through group investigations and lab activities. Discussion/lab, 5 periods. Prerequisite(s): MATH 1130 or MATH 1140 or MATH 1150 or MATH 1420 or equivalent, or a satisfactory ALEKS score.

THEATRE 1002 The Theatrical Arts and Society -- 3 unit(s)

Audience-oriented introduction to the dramatic arts, including the live theatre, film, and television, and their interrelationships with society. Special focus sections offered on a rotating basis. Attendance at Strayer-Wood Theatre productions is a class requirement.

Spring 2018

CHEM 1020 Chemical Technology -- 4 unit(s)

Basic concepts of inorganic and organic chemistry and their applications to industrial processes. Emphasis on application of chemical principles in materials, energy production and use and environmental problems. Discussion, 3 periods; lab, 2 periods. No credit for student with credit in any college chemistry course.

ENGLISH 1005 College Writing and Research -- 3 unit(s)

Recommended for students who have ACT English and Reading scores of 18-26; students who have ACT English scores of 17 or less are advised to take ENGLISH 1002 first. Emphasis on critical reading and the writing of a variety of texts with attention to audience, purpose, and rhetorical strategies. Attention to integrating research materials with students’ critical and personal insights. Satisfies the Liberal Arts Core writing and reading requirement. No credit if prior credit in ENGLISH 2015 or ENGLISH 2120. Prerequisite(s): UNI’s high school English admissions requirement.

Summer 2018

ENGLISH 1120 Literature: Journey, Danger, Temptation, Violence -- 3 unit(s)

Developing ability to read perceptively and imaginatively by exploring a variety of literary texts in English and/or English translation in multiple genres such as nonfiction, poetry, drama, fiction, and/or film. Attention to understanding and appreciating creative uses of verbal resources and artful representations of human experience.

TECH 3180 Lean and Sustainable Manufacturing -- 3 unit(s)

Introduction to lean manufacturing systems and concepts - basic philosophy of reducing waste in areas such as production, processing, inventory, transportation, waiting time, and scrap generation - to improve quality, reduce cost and production time, and sustainability in manufacturing and product design. Prerequisite(s): TECH 3143; MATH 1150 or MATH 1420 or STAT 1772; junior standing or consent of instructor.

Fall 2018

ANTH 1001 Human Origins -- 3 unit(s)

Introduction to physical anthropology and archaeology with emphases on evolutionary theory, variation and adaptation, primatology, paleoanthropology, animal and plant domestication, and the rise to early civilization.

SOC 1000 Introduction to Sociology -- 3 unit(s)

Scientific approach to analysis and understanding of culture, human groups and institutions, personality, self and social control.

Spring 2019

HPELS 1010 Personal Wellness -- 3 unit(s)

Concepts of exercise science, nutrition, stress management, contemporary health issues, and decision making. Assessment, application, and participation in lifetime fitness and skill activities.

TECH 3102 Living in our Techno-Social World -- 3 unit(s)

Exploration of the complex relationships between technology and society. Students discover how social systems affect the nature and use of technology and how the nature and use of technology affect social systems. Prerequisite(s): junior standing. (Same as CAP 3102)

Summer 2019

TECH 3131 Technical Project Management -- 3 unit(s)

Project management concepts, needs identification, composition and role of project teams, project communication, related project management techniques, practical implementation, and project management software. Prerequisite(s): junior standing.

TECH 4187 Applied Industrial Supervision and Management -- 3 unit(s)

Investigation of industrial supervision and management; includes directed field study in industry. Prerequisite(s): MGMT 3153 or TECH 3131/5131 or TECH 3143 or consent of instructor; junior standing.

Fall 2019

HUM 1023 Humanities III: The Age of Revolution to the Present -- 3 unit(s)

Literature, philosophy, religion, and the fine arts integrated with the history of Western Civilization since the French Revolution of 1789.

TECH 3119 Computer Applications in Technology -- 3 unit(s)

Study of major technology-oriented programming software including spreadsheet applications, technical report writing, database management, and presentation graphics. Applications are introduced as solutions to specific technology problems through programming exercises. Prerequisite(s): sophomore standing.

Spring 2020

HUM 1022 Humanities II: The Renaissance, Reformation and Enlightenment -- 3 unit(s)

Literature, philosophy, religion, and the fine arts, integrated with the history of Western Civilization from 1300 to the French Revolution of 1789.

TECH 3168 Technology Training Strategies -- 3 unit(s)

Developing training programs in technological environments, including analysis and utilization of program planning models for business and industry, and specific strategies for customizing training for various groups within an organization, including synchronous and asynchronous delivery methods. Prerequisite(s): junior standing.

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