University of Northern Iowa colleges and departments

Each General Studies curriculum consists of courses selected from the departmental offerings of three of the four colleges in the university. The colleges and their respective departments or subject areas are listed below.

College of Business Administration

ACCT Accounting
ECON Economics
FIN Finance
MGMT Management
MKTG Marketing

College of Education

EDLEAD Educational Leadership
EDPSYCH Educational Psychology
ELEMECML Elementary, Early Childhood & Middle School/Junior High
HPE Health Promotion & Education
INSTTECH Educational Technology
LITED Reading & Language Arts
LYHS Leisure, Youth & Human Services
MEASRES Measurement & Research
PEMES Physical Education
SLS School Library Media Studies
SOCFOUND Social Foundations
SPED Special Education

College of Humanities, Arts and Sciences

BIOL Biology
CHEM Chemistry
COMM Communication Studies
CSD Communicative Disorders
CS Computer Science
EARTHSCI Earth Science
ENGLISH English Language & Literature
ENV SCI Environmental Science
HUM Humanities
TECH Industrial Technology
MATH Mathematics
LANG Languages
CHIN Chinese
FREN French
GER German
SLAV Russian
SPAN Spanish
PORT Portuguese 
MUS ENS Music, Organizations and Ensembles
MUS APPL Music, Applied
MUS TECH Music Techniques
MUS ED Music Education and Methods
MUS THEO Music Theory
MUS HIST Music History and Musicology
MUS LIT Performance Literature and Repertory 
PHIL Philosophy
RELS World Religions
SCI ED Science & Science Education 
TESOL TESOL/Applied Linguistics

College of Social & Behavioral Sciences

ANTH Anthropology
GEOG Geography
HIST Historical Study/Thematic/Graduate
HISUS United States History
HISEUA Europe to ca. 1700
HISEUB Europe Since ca. 1700 
HISNW Non-Western History 
POL GEN General Politics
POL THRY Political Theory
POL AMER American Politics
POL INTL International Relations
POL COMP Comparative Politics 
PSYCH Psychology
COUN Counseling
NUTR Design, Textiles, Gerontology & Family Studies
FAM SERV Family Services/Family Studies
GERO Gerontology
INTDSGN Interior Design
TEXDSGN Textile and Apparel 
SW Social Work
SOC Sociology