About the Center

The Center for Teaching and Learning Mathematics (CTLM) was started in 2007 at the University of Northern Iowa to coordinate professional development projects and incubate vision in mathematics education. The CTLM is committed to improving education by seeking to assist teachers, students, and families in making sense of mathematics at all levels, pre-kindergarten through college and beyond.


We make powerful learning a reality for every person we serve.


To apply the continuous process of research, development, and implementation to high-quality learning experiences.


Supporting Teachers

We believe in the power of high-quality professional development to positively impact elementary teachers and their students. As a result of the CTLM's high-quality professional development, teachers are empowering students for life-long learning by helping them develop an appreciation of mathematics.

Learning Outside of School

We believe families play a critical role in their children’s education -- by laying the groundwork for formal education during the preschool years, by augmenting and reinforcing classroom instruction, and by making connections between classroom learning and real life skills.  We strive to empower families to engage in their children’s learning through all developmental stages, despite today’s busy schedules.

With the increased need for after-school programs, day care, summer camps, and tutoring for enrichment or remediation, we strive to equip the people who provide these learning opportunities with the tools they need to create powerful learning experiences for today’s students.