Course List

Making Sense Professional Development courses are designed to deepen elementary teachers’ understanding of mathematical concepts and to support the implementation of research-based teaching strategies. All courses are aligned with the Common Core State Content and Practice Standards, Iowa Core, and Iowa Professional Development Model. Additionally, we provide leadership training to principals to ensure support for teachers as they work to improve mathematics instruction in their classrooms.  COMPLETION OF ALL EIGHT COURSES IN THE MSMT SERIES CAN LEAD TO AN IOWA K-8 MATH ENDORSEMENT.

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In 2014, the CTLM received a grant from the Math/Science Partnership to develop courses for special education teachers of struggling learners.  The goal for this Special Education Math Professional Development program is to close the achievement gap between students with an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) and students without an IEP.  The special focus for these courses includes the effective use of specially designed instruction time and formative and diagnostic assessment.

  • Teaching Mathematics to Struggling Learners: Building Your Confidence

  • Teaching Struggling Learners: Addition, Subtraction, and Place Value

  • Teaching Struggling Learners: Multiplication and Division

  • Teaching Struggling Learners: Fractions


Please note that courses are offered and encouraged to be taken in the order listed above.