Making Sense Summer Camp Resources

During the summer of 2011, Camp Adventure summer camps, based on U.S. military installations around the world, piloted our new and exciting Making Sense Summer Camp Resources! Additionally, 72 counselors at twelve installations participated in program evaluation and research to improve our Camp Adventure Clubs. We are happy to report that our Camp Adventure Clubs reached over 1000+ military youth during its first year! Additionally, our Making Sense resources and SOAR access information were disseminated to 81 military installations!

The Making Sense Summer Camp Resources extend the Making Sense Family Resources videos and supplementary rmaterials into eight units called “clubs.” Each one-week club consists of five 60-minute sessions, that extend learning opportunities in math and literacy for campers. All clubs include high interest and relevant topics, hands-on activities, and a strong research-base that supports the learning of our campers. Club curriculum content has been aligned to both the Iowa Core and the Common Core State Standards.

Math Clubs:

  • Are You Average? Club- This club helps identify the "normal camper" as determined by the statistics of mean, median, and mode. Campers are introduced to data collection, representation, and analysis procedures.
  • Engineering Team Club- This club puts students’ creativity and visualizing to the test! Students are given the opportunity to construct boxes from nets (a two-dimensional figure that folds into a three-dimensional shape) in many hands-on activities.
  • Fraction Art Club- This club creatively infuses fractions into art. Students first analyze art concepts, and then develop their own works of art by utilizing fractions.
  • Is it Fair? Club- This club focuses on concepts about probability, as well data collection. Students engage with games involving coins, dice, and spinners.

Literacy Clubs:

  • Short Story Writing Club- This club centers on the basics of story structure and literary elements, as a precursor to the students writing and presenting their own short story.
  • Story Telling Club- This club brings student storytelling to life. Students first learn about oral presentation skills and then create and perform a tall tale for their peers.
  • Acting Club- This club allows students the opportunity to write, stage, and act out a play for their peers.
  • Camp Newspaper Club- This club incorporates writing newspaper articles about summer camp highlights with learning about the writing process.

For more information on Making Sense Summer Camp Resources, please contact Julie Creeden, Writing Coordinator.

For more information, also visit Making Sense After-School Resources or Making Sense Family Resources .