Foundational Research: Military Families

The military lifestyle brings many challenges to families. According to MilitaryOneSource, the military’s pre-eminent resource for military families, one of the most difficult demands is a separation due to a military mission. The most difficult aspect for parents is helping children through this period while surviving themselves.

The evidence is consistent and convincing, with the National Council on Family Relations recently stating:

“A strong network of formal and informal community connections is fundamental for promoting and sustaining military family resilience. Both the military services and society as a whole share responsibility for creating an environment that helps these families meet the demands and hardships of military life.”

A 2010 study by Promises2Kids, confirms that a variety of needs for military children have emerged. Due to academic transitions, disruptions, and new family stressors, many military children are faced with an adverse impact on achievement, while military families are ill-prepared to navigate through a convoluted education system. Affordable and accessible academic, extra-curricular, and school engagement resources are needed to support our military children.


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