Read More Learning Outside of School

The Center for Teaching and Learning Mathematics (CTLM) provides research-based resources that support engaging families in their children’s learning. The Making Sense Family Resources includes a variety of online educational resources available to families. The CTLM, at the University of Northern Iowa, produces Making Sense Family Resources, which is a set of videos and supplementary educational materials (activities, links, and references) for families and their children in the areas of mathematics, literacy, early learning, and autism spectrum disorders. Making Sense Family Resources seeks to empower families to engage in their children's learning.

The Making Sense Family Resources include:

  • strategies to optimize family time spent in helping children outside the classroom.
  • materials that build confidence in families, helping them to stimulate conversations about mathematics and literacy.
  • ideas designed to connect learning concepts to life skills.
  • opportunities for families to have a positive effect on student achievement.

The CTLM has also extending its reach to military families by creating learning opportunities outside of the regular school day. We have provided resources to summer camps and after school programs serving military children. These learning resources provide supplemental instruction in mathematics and literacy.

Visit the Learning Outside of School website.