Student Online Achievement Resources

NOTE:  The SOAR program ended in 2012 and is no longer available through the Soar at Home website.


Student Online Achievement Resources (SOAR) is an innovative project dedicated to United States military families and the military support personnel that serve them. SOAR is a Department of Defense grant awarded to the Military Impacted School Association, with two sub-awards to US Skills and the University of Northern Iowa.

Together, we are proudly addressing the unique challenges facing military children in our nation’s public schools. Unfortunately, frequent relocations, multiple deployments, and longer tours of duty often interrupt the continuity of the military child’s education. Military children are living a lifestyle where relocation, loss, and change are ever-present (Military K-12 Partners, 2011). To help children prevail developmentally in this challenging lifestyle, SOAR offers the following free resources to military families:

Learning and Assessment Resources

  • Personalized instructional lessons to reinforce skill development
  • 132 online family videos devoted to literacy, math, and early learning
  • Supplemental resources for at-home learning
  • Individualized assessments aligned with state standards
  • ACT/SAT preparation programs for college bound students

Relocation Resources

  • Links to all military installations, transition resources, and schools near military bases
  • Links to State Departments of Education and other educational resource websites
  • Message board accessible to parents
  • State-specific resources, such as state learning standards

Click here to learn more about SOAR’s vision, mission and goals or for a PDF version of the SOAR Overview.

To learn more, visit SOAR's website or click here to to see the SOAR Promotional Video.


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