Summer Camp Highlights

During the summer of 2011, the Making Sense Summer Camp Resources were used on 12 different U.S. Military bases as part of the UNI Camp Adventure program.  These bases were located in the United States, Germany, Korea, and Japan:

Catlin Naval Base, Hawaii

Yokosuka Naval Base, Japan

Hickam Air Force Base, Hawaii

Iwakuni Marine Corps Air Station, Japan

New Orleans Naval Air Station, Louisiana

Atsugi Naval Air Facility,  Japan

Landsthul Air Base, Germany

Camp Kinser Marine Corps Base, Japan

Army Garrison Humphreys, Korea

Camp McTureous Marine Corps Base,  Japan

Army Garrison Yongsan, Korea

Camp Foster Marine Corps Base, Japan


Over 1000 children took part in at least one of the four clubs devoted to mathematics (Is it Fair/Probability Club, Engineering Club, Fraction Art Club, and Are You Average/Mean, Mode, Median Club) or one of the four units devoted to literacy materials (Acting Club, Short Story Writing Club, Storytelling Club, and a Newspaper Club).

The Camp Adventure Counselors leading the clubs were university students from around the United States, including Iowa, Florida, Ohio, California, and Washington.  Counselors who used the programs indicated Making Sense Summer Camp Resources were a big hit with the campers:

  • The children enjoyed this SOAR club and really got into their stories. Their stories were so creative we made costumes in order to perform the fables.
  • The [videos and activities] were a good mixture of fun and information.
  • They were interactive and began with applying knowledge to concepts in the worksheets and became more advanced as the week went on.
  • The students were very interested in the characters and thought they were "cool."  The videos did a good job of being interesting for school age children.
  • The daily lessons and activities were creative and really had the kids engaged in the SOAR project. They really enjoyed the writing and became extremely creative.
  • The videos for this section were fantastic. They presented the information in an exciting way that helped the kids retain more information from the presentation.
  • The videos did a great job of teaching the main concepts and engaged the campers' interest better than simply talking about the concepts would.

For more information on Making Sense Summer Camp Resources, please contact Julie Creeden, CTLM Writing Coordinator.