Waterloo Community Schools Partnership

The University of Northern Iowa’s Center for Teaching and Learning Mathematics (CTLM) has partnered with the Waterloo Community Schools to provide instructional coaching in both Cunningham and Irving Elementary Schools through the 2013-2014 academic school year. With a focus on changing teachers’ beliefs and classroom practices, University mathematics faculty will collaborate with Building Interventionists and District Math Coaches- to provide intensive modeling, coaching, and professional development to the elementary teachers. The instructional focus will be on successful implementation of the district’s newly adopted TERC Investigations series. Success criteria for the project include an increase in teacher content knowledge of mathematics, improvement in teachers’ implementation of instructional strategies aligned with the adopted district mathematics curriculum, and an increase in mathematics achievement by the elementary students. Mathematics faculty that are involved in the partnership include Ms. Megan Balong, Dr. Ed Rathmell, and Dr. Brian Townsend.