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RHA Mission & Values



The Residence Hall Association (RHA) acts as the official liaison between the Department of Residence (DOR) and those living on campus.  We promote the lifestyle of living on campus while planning both fun and educational programs to help develop, and foster student leaders.  We provide experiences for residents to network on campus and internationally.  As the liaison body we support the mission statement of the Department of Residence.

Learning Outcomes:

  1. The general assembly will learn and demonstrate knowledge pertaining to the NACURH organization.
  2. The General Assembly will develop and maintain enthusiasm and pride for the role they play in RHA.
  3. The Programming Committee will identify and utilize methods/resources for effectively planning a program.
  4. The General Assembly will become familiar with and employ parliamentary procedure / Roberts Rules of Order at meetings and in board room settings.
  5. All RHA Members will write and produce professional legislation, OTMs, & Bids.
  6. All RHA Members will evaluate and confirm their role on campus by improving their leadership skills