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April Updates


Redeker Center Explansion Update.pdf

Past Updates

Before. Looking at south half of Redeker Center
Before. Looking at north half of Redeker Center

Before. Looking south toward Noehren

Before. View from below Hagemann skywalk

Biscotti's at Shull has all your favorites! 
Biscotti's Before

Biscotti's former home

Biscotti's in Shull. Yes! There is a bakery case!

Biscotti's in the new home in Shull Hall

Biscotti's student employees welcom you to Shull Hall

Biscotti's at Shull

Floor is poured for second level west side addition

Looking at south wall of Cafe on the way

Looking east on upper level. Cafe on the Way floor is being broken for striacase

Looking east on upper level

Looking east on upper level

Looking north in Redeker Center hallway

Loooking toward Rider

Looking toward Rider

Looking up through the opening for the Redeker staircase

Piazza caution tape added to the theme

Piazza construction messages

Piazza space previously occupied by Cafe on the Way is walled off

Piazza space previously occupied by meeting rooms walled off

Piazza staff hosts a construction party

Piazza student employee does a GREAT job on the Redeker timeline!

Piazza student employees decorate for the construction party

Piazza view looking toward Noehren

Piazza where students decorated a panel

West addition as they are installing the floor for second level

West addition as they install the wall framing

West addition before it was enclosed