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Rules Governing ID Card Use


1.  The ID card issued to you is the property of the University of Northern Iowa (UNI).

2.  UNI is not responsible for any losses sustained by card holder.

3.  If your ID card is lost you must deactivate your card in MyUNIverse.

4.  ID Cards are not transferrable.

5.  Lending ID Cards to others is prohibited.

6.  Punching a hole in the ID Card will cause damage.

7.  A fee may be charged to replace a lost or damaged card.

8.  At the end of employment, the employee must turn in the ID Card to their supervisor who will destroy the card. 

9. University departments, personnel, or community businesses may not ask to retain your ID Card as collateral for goods or services. Report any such occurrences to the Department of Residence office in Redeker Center; 319-273-2333.