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CP Parking


Parking Permits for On-campus Students

On-campus residents are eligible to receive a parking permit for C or R lots. New and returning residents of ROTH Complex are eligible to purchase B permits. ONLY students who renew their housing contract with the Department of Residence from one academic year to the next are ALSO eligible to APPLY for a CP (C Preferred) parking permit.

C Preferred Parking lots:

  • Rider/Shull lot (east of halls)
  • Interior Redeker lot
  • Noehren/Hagemann/Panther Village lot
  • Campbell lot (west of Campbell)
  • Towers lot (includes Price Lab lot)


How do I request a CP permit?

The online recontracting form includes a checked box (by default) that indicates a resident's desire to apply for one of a limited number of CP permits. Those who DO NOT want to apply for a CP permit must un-check the box.

How do I purchase a CP permit?

During April a limited number of qualified students receive an email notice about how to purchase the CP permit between August 1 and September 4. Those who are not offered the opportunity to purchase a CP permit are also notified.

Permits are available for purchase (in person, not online) from Public Safety staff at the following times, dates and locations:

  • August 1 - September 4 @ Department of Public Safety (Gilchrist Hall)
  • The online permit applications available - April 1 - August 15 for the yearly permit and November 1 - December 15 for second semester.

Applicants will need to know the make, model, year and license plate number of the vehicle in order to obtain their permit.

Individuals who do not purchase a CP permit by 6 pm, Friday, September 4, 2014, forfeit their position in the allocation process. The next individuals on the CP Parking Permit Waiting List are then notified that they may purchase a CP permit.

Price for a CP permit:

$72.50 ($17.80 more than the regular C permit)* [2014-2015 rates]

Who Gets the Limited Number of CP Permits?

Since there are fewer CP Parking spaces and permits than there are students who request them, priority is given to residents who have continuously* lived the longest on campus, as measured by their ORIGINAL (not recontracting) contract date. Because the ratio of residents to parking spaces is different on the North and South sides of campus, two lists are generated in order to prioritize allocation of permits among those two populations.

When the priority recontracting date arrives, North Campus and South Campus lists are generated, based on residents’ original dates of contracting. Then, the 526 North Campus and 707 South Campus residents with the earliest ORIGINAL contract dates are offered CP permits. (For example, between two students living on North Campus, the one whose original contract date was July 15, 2013, is given priority over a fellow North Campus resident whose original contract date was July 16, 2013.)

Students who do not COMPLETE the recontracting process by February 27, 2015 - including agreeing to the terms and conditions - are not considered for a CP parking permit.

When students fail to purchase permits by the deadline of September 4, 2015, the two priority lists are used to determine who will next be offered a CP permit for that (North or South) area of campus.

*Exceptions: students who know they will be away from campus on University business (e.g. student teaching out of town, semester abroad, National Student Exchange) during the next fall semester, with the intention of living on campus during spring semester of that academic year. These students need to re-contract for spring semester housing at the Department of Residence by February 27, 2015 and indicate they are also applying for a CP permit.