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How do I make my Bb Learn 9 course(s) available to Students?

UNI academic eLearning (Blackboard) courses are created as "unavailable".

"Unavailable" means that an Instructor has access to the course, but student do NOT see the course listed in their My Courses list. Instructors have to make the course "available" to allow students access to the eLearning course.

To make your eLearning course available:

  1. Log into UNI eLearning and enter the course.
  2. In the Control Panel under Customization, click Properties.
  3. Under Set Availability, check the radio button next to "Yes" for Make Course Available.
  4. Scroll up or down and click the Submit button.

Students will now see this course listed in their My Courses list and can access it.

Student access once your class has completed:
At the end of the semester consider leaving your course(s) available to students for a few weeks to allow students access to their eLearning My Grades module or grade related materials. Once you decide that students no longer need access to your eLearning course(s), you will need to make the course(s) "unavailable" by selecting "No" in step #3.

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