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Office of Financial Aid & Scholarships

Work Study

  • Accept the work study award on your financial aid award found on My Student Center. 

  • Look for work study positions posted on the job board at: Career Services

  • If more help is needed in finding a work study job, contact the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships.  Students who have not started working by the third week of the semester may lose the work study funding.

Work study jobs are posted through the Office of Career Services Career Services

Your way of receiving pay will differ from the way of receiving other aid such as grants and loans which credit to the U-bill.  To receive pay for work study you will record the hours worked and submit time cards on the Oracle E-business site.  A link is available through MyUNIverse.  Your payment will be directly deposited to your personal bank or credit union account. 

Instructions for Completing a Student Timecard

Bi-weekly Payment Schedule 

Remember, payment for work study is not credited to your U-bill.  If you plan on using work study to help pay for tuition, you need to remember that you are paid work study as you work and earn the funds throughout the semester and year.  For students working the first week of classes the first pay day of the fall semester is mid-September. 

With the award of a Pell Grant, a student could request to be placed on the work study waiting list.  There is a slight possibility that more work study will be awarded later in the fall semester, near the end of October.  The rate of work study earnings is assessed.  If the rate of earnings needs to be higher, more work study will be awarded. 

Two off-campus work study programs are Community Service Learning (CSL) and America Reads

Non-profit agencies can partner with UNI to participate in the Community Service Learning (CSL) program.  If you are working for an off-campus non-profit agency and are interested in finding out more about the partnership and if you qualify, please contact the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships. 

You can monitor work study earnings on the Oracle e-business suite where you also complete and submit time cards.  The link is under “UNI Student Employee Self Service > Student Work Study Monitoring Sheet”. 

No.  Students may only have ONE work study job at a time. However, students may have both a Work Study and a Departmental job as long as they do not exceed the maximum hours allowed in the UNI Student Employment Policy

If you are enrolled at least half time for the spring semester, yes, you can start earning the spring amount.  Typically, awards are made in equal amounts for both fall and spring semesters. If a student earns over their awarded amount for fall, funds can be used from the spring award, provided the student will also be enrolled in spring courses. Once the total Work Study award is earned, the student must be paid by departmental funds or end employment.

The last day to earn work study is the last day of the semester, the Friday of final’s week.  Students enrolled at least half time both fall and spring semester, can earn work study during the winter break.  For students graduating in fall, the last day to work is the Friday of the fall’s final’s week. 

Work study can be earned only during the academic year for which it is awarded.  Work study awarded in one year cannot carry over to the next academic year.  Be sure to file your FAFSA early each spring to help determine if you qualify for work study for the upcoming year.  

The University of Northern Iowa's Work Study Employment Program is an equal opportunity/affirmative action employer.