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Featured State Alliances

This page features a rotating selection of materials, events, and activities that are available through our sister geographic alliances.  Don't worry!  We won't cancel your GAI membership for participating in other state alliances or incorporating their resources--in fact, we STRONGLY encourage it!


Idaho Geographic Education and Outreach (IGEO)Idaho Geographic Alliance

Idaho Geographic Education and Outreach is comprised of educators, GIS experts, college faculty, and community members. Its approach is a cooperative one, with a focus on facilitating partnerships among its members. One great feature of its website is its resources page, which includes online curricular materials, funding opportunities, geography events and contests, resource centers, lesson plans, and professional development opportunities.


Maryland Geographic Alliance (MGA)Maryland Geographic Alliance

One highlight of the Maryland Geographic Alliance is its professional development and activities. The MGA has provided 14,000 Maryland teachers with professional development programs, including workshops, summer institutes, and mini courses that emphasize geography content and incorporate hands-on activities. Such activities can be found on their website under “Teacher Resources” for grades K-7.  


Illinois Geographic Alliance (IGA)Illinois Geographic Alliance

The purpose of the Illinois Geographic Alliance is the promotion and enhancement of geographic knowledge in the schools of Illinois. One resource aimed at achieving this is an interesting online atlas of Illinois created in conjunction with Illinois State University. This free online atlas is an interactive mapping catalog with accompanying lesson plans tailored for AP Human Geography classrooms. It's a great way to actively engage students in a modernized way. 


Oklahoma Alliance for Geographic Education (OKAGE) Oklahoma Alliance for Geographic Education

The Oklahoma Alliance for Geographic Education focuses on teacher training, curriculum development, and outreach programs. A main feature of its website is its vast list of teacher resources and lesson plans, which include hundreds of lesson materials archived from 2005 to the present. It also has an active Facebook page that posts interesting geography information.


Arizona Geographic AllianceArizona Geographic Alliance

Alliance created programs GeoLiteracy, GeoMath, and GeoHistory are used to increase student achievement on state-mandated tests and promote geographic education by linking every geography performance objective to tested associated standards. Practicing reading and writing skills, math skills, and history skills, and maximizing classroom instruction time are benefits to GeoLiteracy. Lessons of GeoLiteracy are research based, piloted with diverse populations, and based on standards.