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University Honors Program

Research in the Capitol

Research in the Capitol is a collaborative effort of the honors programs from the University of Northern Iowa, Iowa State University and the University of Iowa. In the spring of every year, the three Regents universities select a group of students to provide poster presentations of undergraduate research. The event celebrates how undergraduates learn by doing research in a variety of fields.

This event is hosted by the University Honors Program, but all UNI students are eligible to participate.  This year's Research in the Capitol was held March 29, 2016.

The following students represented UNI:

Alyssa Adamec, Coralville, IA: Perceptions of Use of Hearing Protection in High String Musicians

Mitchell Beckman, Houston, MN: Determinants of the GPA's of College Students

Seth Behrends, Cedar Falls, IA: Friends in High Places: Drinkers’ Perceptions of Gender, Sobriety, and Relationships with Nondrinkers

Abbi Cobb, Marion, IA: Childhood Factors and Incarceration for African American Men: How Early Life Community Experience Influences Adult Outcomes

Jasmine Hernandez, San Antonio, TX: Religion in Ms. Marvel: How University of Northern Iowa students Interpret Islam in the Life of Kamala Khan

Brooke Hollenberg, Boone, IA: College Students' Beliefs About Alcohol and Drinking at UNI Homecoming

Brandon Hoskins, Cedar Falls, IA: Isolation methods and DNA Analysis of Small Bacteriophages of Bacillus anthracis

Sara Judickas, Bettendorf, IA: Prairie Power Project

Tony Ketelaar, Davenport, IA: The Consumption of Zombie Culture

Julie Kirkpatrick, Waverly, IA & Tracy Wulfekuhle, Holy Cross, IA: Bridge Numbers: A Knotty Journey

Ryan Lode, Sheldon, IA: Optimizing Sucrose Gradients for Small Bacteriophage Purification

Kevin McGee, Cresco, IA: Determinants of NBA Average Annual Attendance by Team 

Ben Nettleton, Kensett, IA: Comparing Bee Abundance and Diversity in Candidate Biomass Crops

Justin Niday, Boone, IA: Chinese Strategic Asset Seeking Activity in the US: A Literature Review

Brad Staten, Iowa Falls, IA: Spin-gapless semiconductivity and half metallicity in Heusler alloys

Elizabeth Turcotte, Cedar Falls, IA: Testosterone and Male Susceptibility in Leishmania infantum chagasi Infection

Emily Wetherell, Cedar Rapids, IA: The Power of the Situation: Use of Approach and Avoidance Goals in Romantic Relationships

Check out this year's event program: Research in the Capitol 2016

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