IAAE-ICA Mentoring Program


Iowa Communication Association Partners with Iowa Alliance for Arts in Education to Mentor New Teachers of Speech Communication in Iowa
Mentor Chair Description

ICA and IAAE have teamed up to provide experienced mentors to first-year teachers of speech communication throughout the state of Iowa as part of the Iowa Model of Excellence - A Statewide Arts Mentoring Program. The purpose of this program is to continue to improve the quality of arts education in Iowa through mentoring assistance of first-year arts teachers. New teachers, students, school districts, and the state will benefit from increased opportunities for success in the classroom. New teachers will be able to draw on the experience of their mentors for activities, assignments, and strategies dealing with the teaching of speech communication through emails, phone calls and/or mentor visits. The mentoring program is discipline-specific. There is no participation fee to the teacher or the school district for the mentoring program....<more>

Please consider getting involved in one of the ways listed below:

* share ideas for helping us get the mentoring program off to a great start.
* help identify first-year Speech Communication teachers in your district or who have completed your teacher education programs.
* offer to be a teaching mentor by being in contact with new teachers and answering questions either by meeting face-to-face or electronically.
* serve as an observation mentor and support a new teacher through on-site observations and discussions (a stipend and travel expense allotment is provided by IAAE).
* help us connect with student teachers who will be teaching in the Speech Communication classrooms.
If you are currently student teaching or if you have a student teacher in your classroom, please contact Sarah Schaefer so information about the mentoring program can be shared.
We will be posting information on the ICA website soon. You can contact me at sschaefer@waukee.k12.ia.us . I look forward to visiting with you about the program and doing all that we can to help our new teachers in the field.... <more>

Sarah Schaefer
Waukee Community School


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