One-to-One Computing for Increased Learning Webinar Recording Information

The webinar "One-to-One Computing for Increased Learning", originally held on January 12, 2012, was recorded. The recording is available at:
(may require installation of a player plug-in)

The original webinar information is available at:

The webinar recording is interactive in that you may click on links in the "Related Web Links" pod (available only near the end of the video) and files in the "File Share" pod to download. You may also scroll to see the entire "Chat" conversation up to the point you've reached within the video.

Intel Corporation has published a series of three white papers showcasing the 21st Century Learning Initiative at Auburn City Schools. These documents are attached in PDF format. Intel interviewed more than two dozen students, teachers, school media and technology specialists, administrators and school board members from Auburn City Schools, as well as vendor representatives and Auburn University faculty. The report is published in three parts:

Contact information for Auburn Junior High School:
Shannon Pignato, Principal,
School Web Site:

Auburn Junior High School's 21st Century Technology Initiative:
(includes video shared during webinar)

Attendees found the team from Auburn JH to be very helpful in providing a lot of helpful information and answering numerous questions beneficial to those just getting started with one-to-one computing. Please share this information with anyone whom you feel might benefit from these resources.

For more information on the webinar, contact:

Lori Seawel
Instructional Designer and Technology Coordinator
ITS-Educational Technology
University of Northern Iowa
Cedar Falls, IA 50614-0301

Voice: 319.273.3086