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The Teacher's Lounge was created to provide educational links and resources for educators. This service is provided by the Iowa Educational Technology and Training Institute (IETTI) at the University of Northern Iowa, Cedar Falls, Iowa.
The World Wide Web (WWW) allows the user to access a multitude of information from the internet in a simple multi-media format. Web Browers are applications which allow the user to view the textual and graphical information on the internet. Along with the development of Web Browers, Helper Applications were created to allow the user to access various types of graphics, sounds, and movies.

The Teacher's Lounge

What's Here
The Teacher's Lounge provides educators with links for:
  • search engines for educators
  • appropriate search engines for students.
  • K-12 curriculm
  • higher education curriculm
  • technology planning
  • grants and grant writing
  • tutorials on Netscape, HTML, Microsoft PowerPoint, etc.
  • WWW browsers
  • helper applications
  • Macintosh resources
  • PC resources
  • and a variety of other interesting and entertaining links.

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Originally created and compiled by Beth Voss Kuehl, 1997

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