The purpose of the Educational Links page is to provide useful links to a variety of educational Web sites. Focus was given to Web sites that contain even more useful Web sites for children, teachers, administrators, media specialists, and technology specialists. While the content of each site may appear suitable for children of the indicated age, no representation is made as to actual suitability. As always, adult supervision of web usage is recommended.

Children Resources
  1. The Kids on the Web
  2. KidsCom
  3. CyberKids Home
  4. Kids Web
  5. Kids' Space - International Kids' Space Foundation
  6. Kids Space Connection
  7. The CEARCH Virtual Schoolhouse
  8. Kids Gallery
  9. Ask Jeeves Kids
  10. Kid’s Space - Space Science for Kids from NASA
  11. Sports Illustration for Kids
  12. NASA Kids
  13. National Geographic for Kids
  14. Time for Kids
  15. White House Kids
  16. Cooking for Kids
  17. Learning about Japan
  18. Games!
  19. Education Place
  20. Build Your Own Web Page
  21. Kids Web
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Compiled by Beth Voss Kuehl, 1997 & Erin Miller, 2002;  
Edited by Phil Hibbard 1998, 1999, 2000 , 2001, 2003 & Doreen Hayek, 2004

Homework Help for Students

  1. Jishka Homework Help
  2. HomeworkHelp.Com
  3. BJ Pinckbeck’s Helpful Homework Sites
  4. Homework Center
  5. Math Help
  6. Homework Spot
  7. Homework Help for Grades 6-12
  8. FactMonster - From Information Please
  9. Britannica
  10. Online Dictionary
  11. Encyclopedia.Com
  12. Columbia Encyclopedia
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Compiled by Erin Miller, 2002;  
Edited by  Doreen Hayek, 2004

K-12 Education Resources

  1. U.S. Department of Education
  2. Iowa Department of Education
  3. Classroom Connect
  4. Educator's Reference Desk
  5. New York Times Learning Network
  6. ZooNet Animal Links
  7. INFOMINE Scholarly Internet Resource Collections
  8. IAT Library Publications:  Title Listing
  9. The Bellingham Public Schools Homepage - An excellent school homepage! Great resources.
  10. Education on the Internet (links to lots more sites)
  11. The National Program for Playground Safety (Located at UNI)
  12. Schoolhouse Project (Library in the Sky)
  13. K-12 Resources For Music Educators
  14. The Global Schoolhouse - Provides various on-line activities.
  15. The Big 6 Literacy Model - Check out this site!!
  16. Resources for Teaching Art
  17. NEWSREELS ONLINE - British Pathe has put more than 3,500 hours of its old newsreels online, from 1896 through 1970.
  18. The National Peace Corps Association, with support from ASCD, offers the Global TeachNet.  If you are looking for global education resources, this is the place to start!
  19. Kids and the Internet - The BellSouth Foundation's "Kids and the Internet" Website highlights a wide variety of resources for kids, parents and teachers, as well as schools and school districts. The Internet safety tool-kit, produced by CoSN's Safeguarding the Wired Schoolhouse is one of the resources included along with a variety of ed tech reports, downloadable posters and presentations.
  20. Yahoo Games for Kids
  21. PBS Teacher Source
  22. Carmel High School Library - List of educational websites.
  23. Scholastic
  24. The Online Environmental Community
  25. Kathy Schrock’s Guide for Educators
  26. Reading A-Z
  27. National Biological Information Infrastructure - Science Education Resources
  28. Education World
  29. Teachers First
  31. National Council for Social Studies
  32. A to Z Teacher Stuff Network - Lesson Plans
  33. Lesson Plans Page.Com
  34. The World and I - Fee based.  Good interdisciplinary resource providing a wealth of materials in the core curriculum areas of social studies, language arts, and science.
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Compiled by Beth Voss Kuehl, 1997 & Erin Miller, 2002;
Edited by Phil Hibbard 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003 & Doreen Hayek, 2004

Classroom Management
  1. Classrooom Management Activities
  2. Center for Adolescent and Family Studies - Your Classroom Management Profile
  3. - Classroom Management Tools
  4. Best Practices Portfolio - Georgia PreKindergarten program
  5. The Virtual Classroom
  6. Strategies for Classroom Management - Florida Department of Education
  7. EPS Department, University of Limerick
  8. CanTeach - Classroom management for elementary
  9. Classroom Management - Article by Gene Van Tassell at
  10. Classroom Management - Links by University of New Orleans
  11. Dave Wiggins’ Classroom Management Plan
  12. ProTeacher - Classroom management links
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Compiled by Erin Miller, 2002;  
Edited by  Doreen Hayek, 2004

    Children's Literature 
  1. Carol Hurst’s Literature Review
  2. Children's Literature Web Guide
  3. Children's Literature Comprehensive Database
  4. Fairrosa CyberLibrary
  5. Children's Literature Resources
  6. Canadian Children's Literature  
  7. Kid Lit
  8. Institute of Children's Literature
  9. Vandergrift's Children's Literature Page 
  10. The Best Children's Literature on the Net
  11. Math and Children's Literature
  12. Children's Literature Association
  13. A Guide to Children's Literature and Disability
  14. African Children's Literature
  15. Greek Children's Literature
  16. Young Adult Literature
  17. Multicultural Children's Literature - List of web sites

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Compiled by Erin Miller, 2002;  
Edited by  Doreen Hayek, 2004

Higher Education Resources
  1. Catalyst
  2. INFOMINE Scholarly Internet Resource Collections
    • Includes K-12
  3. Links to Iowa Community Colleges
  4. Links to Iowa's Four Year Colleges and Universities
  5. The Chronicle of Higher Education
  6. The American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education
  7. WebCT
  8. Women in Higher Education
  9. SCHEV (State Council of Higher Education for Virginia)
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Compiled by Beth Voss Kuehl, 1997 & Erin Miller, 2002;
 Edited by Phil Hibbard 1998, 1999, 2000, 2003 & Doreen Hayek, 2004

Technology Planning     

         Technology Planning Guides

  1. National Center for Technology Planning  - This site is an excellent resource for developing a school or district technology plan.
  2. Learning Through Technology - A Planning and Implementation Guide (NCREL)
  3. Technology Planning for K-12 Education
  4. SEIR TEC Technology Planning
  5. Apple Company Technology Planning Guide
        Examples of Technology Plans
  1. University of Northern Iowa (UNI) - Links to UNI's policies and plans.
  2. Iowa City Community School District -  An excellent example of a technology plan!
  3. Bellingham Public Schools - Checkout Bellingham Public Schools' technology plan - it has a great vision.
  4. Rice University - Technology plan links.
  5. Indiana University Information Technology Strategic Plan
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Compiled by Beth Voss Kuehl, 1997 & Erin Miller, 2002 & Edited by Doreen Hayek, 2004

Supplemental Sources

Supplemental sources provide a variety of resources on educational technology. 

  1. "Connecting Kids to Technology: Challenges and Opportunities," (PDF format)

from the Annie E. Casey Foundation, examines the demographics of the digital divide, discusses some implications of current trends, and highlights a few efforts to bridge the divide and provide a level playing field for all children. As computer ownership has become more affordable, families with children are more likely than ever to own a computer and be connected to the Internet. The Snapshot points out while all boats are rising, poor and minority kids are playing catch-up to their more affluent, white peers - both at home and in the classroom. Further, while technical infrastructure is critical, basic training is also necessary to remove barriers - such as low levels of literacy and lack of computer experience - that hinder effective use of technology by underserved youth.

  1. EDmin Open Systems, Inc.- Solutions to manage learning improvement
  2. AEL Inc. - Appalachia Educational Laboratory - Links to educational resources
  3. NASA K-12 Internet Initiative
  4. Edutech - University of Geneva, Switzerland; Online resource for education and technologies
  5. FINE Foundation -First In the Nation in Education; Iowa's Educational Research Founation.
  6. EDLAW Home Page
  7. North Central Regional Educational Laboratory (NCREL) is dedicated to providing high-quality, research-based resources to educators and policymakers in the states of Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, and Wisconsin.
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Compiled by Beth Voss Kuehl, 1997 & Erin Miller, 2002;
Edited by Phil Hibbard 1998, 1999, 2000, 2002, 2003 & Doreen Hayek, 2004

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