Personal Hygiene

Below please find some tips for American appropriate and proper hygiene practices:

Most Americans wash with soap at least once a day to control body odors and brush your teeth with toothpaste at least in the morning and evening. Use underarm deodorant/antiperspirant to control perspiration odors, and wash hair as often as necessary to keep it from becoming oily.

Most Americans use perfume, cologne, mouthwash, and other scented products to give yourself an odor that others will presumably find  pleasant. However, do not use too many scented products.

Most American women shave their underams and legs.  Women also wear varying amounts of makeup on their faces. The amount of makeup considered acceptable is based solely on personal tastes and preferences.  

Clothing should not emit body odors. Most Americans wash clothing that has taken on the smell of the wearer's perspiration before it is worn again. 

Generally, you should be clean. Makeup, perfume, and cologne are not necessary for social acceptance, but cleanliness is definitely expected.