The University was established in 1876 by the enactment of the Iowa General Assembly, and opened on September 6, 1876, as the Iowa Normal School – “a school for the special instruction and training of teachers for the common schools of the state.” The institution was renamed the Iowa State Teachers College in 1909 and under this title attained a national reputation and status as a leading institution in the field of teacher education. In 1961, the name of the college was changed to the State College of Iowa and then to the current name in 1967. The University of Northern Iowa has grown from its 1876 original campus site of 40 acres with one building – Central Hall, which originally housed orphaned children of U.S. Civil War soldiers – to its now more than 50 principal buildings on a campus of 850 acres, with a faculty of about 830 members and a total enrollment of about 13,000 students.


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