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Information Technology

ITS Policies and Guidelines

Technology Policies
4.35 Confidential Information
10.11 Use and Security of Credit Card Numbers
13.12 Policy on Use of Social Security Numbers
4.26 Telework Policy
9.58 World Wide Web
3.17 Personal Electronic Devices in the Classroom
9.54 Use of Computer Resources
9.57 Domain Name Service Policy
9.56 Voice Services
9.52 Copyright-Protected Computer Materials
Technology Guidelines
Privately Funded ICN Rooms
Statement on Recording Industry Association of American and Copyright Infringement Notification
University of Northern Iowa Mandatory Computer Fees
Guidelines for the Use of Panopto at UNI
Student Computer Fee Waivers
Communication Plan Guidelines - System Changes and Outages - Proposal
Rationale for a Technology Resource Provision Policy
Internet/Internet2 Provisioning Guideline
Student Computer Fee - Allocation Guidelines: FY13-FY14
Wireless Computing Guidelines
Student Computer Fee Allocation Guidelines 2007-2009
SCAC (Student Computer Advisory Committee) Print Policy
ITS View of Peer to Peer File Sharing
Plan for Combating Copyright Abuse as required by Higher Education Opportunity Act
Network Citizenship Guidelines
Incommon Federation: Participant Operational Practices
Campus Network Policy
Student Computer Fee Allocation Guidelines: FY11
Reassigning University Computers
Student Computer Fee Allocation Guidelines:2004-06
Student Computer Fee - Allocation Guidelines: FY12-FY13
Student Computer Fee Increase
Student Computer Fee Allocation Guidelines:2001-03
Procedures for Handling Unauthorized Distribution of Copyrighted Material
ID Card Replacement Costs
Statement on Unauthorized Distribution of Copyrighted Materials and Penalties for Violation of Federal Law
Technology Planning Guidelines and Documents
Strategies for Using Technology to Advance the University Strategic Plan
Intermediate and Short Term Priorities
Future Use and Distribution of Computer Fee Funds
Internet Service Provider
University ID Card
Infrastructure Proposal - FY2000
Vision Statement
Principles of Student Use of Technology
Information Technology Support Guidelines
SSI/CGI Standard Practice for