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Information Technology Services

Current Projects

Open Wireless

SUI recently contracted with AT&T to provide such a service over their wireless network. ITS-NS is working with SUI and AT&T to provide the same for UNI. AT&T manages DMCA (copyright/file-sharing issues) compliances as well as CALEA (federal wire tapping laws) for a modest fee. UNI benefits by being able to provide our guests and visitors access to the Internet over our network (good customer service) without cumbersome setups and manual interventions. The AT&T traffic will be tunneled thru on a separate network outside our own. 


Continued Document Imaging Rollout

UNI has implemented and is using the OnBase imaging system from Hyland Software.  We currently have Human Resources using the system, as well as some functions of the Registrar's office.  We are actively working with Financial Aid and Admissions on bringing document imaging to their offices as well.  

This project will continue to serve new business processes and areas as they are identified.  If you have documents and processes you would like to discuss moving to document imaging, please contact one of the following people:

Administrative Systems Hardware Refresh

ITS-Information Systems refreshes system hardware every 5 years.  Up until this point we have run most of our environment on Sun Sparc hardware in virtualized zones.  However with the ever increasing power of x86 systems and the lower cost, it is now feasible to run our large administrative systems on this hardware.  

We have completed trial conversions of all key systems, and are now building the infrastructure to support the converted systems.  In April 2014 we will begin conversions and plan to have nearly all systems converted by the fall of 2014.

MyUNI Mobile Application

In October 2013 UNI signed an agreement with Blackboard Mobile to provide us with a hosted mobile computing solution.  UNI staff configure the site to our look and feel and point it to data that already exists in our systems and systems of our service providers.  The initial release occurred January 1, 2014.  

Expansion of wireless coverage at UNI

The next phase of wireless expansion will focus on extending coverage to faculty office areas and conference rooms. This phase of the project will include optimization of existing wireless systems which will improve performance and capacity in all buildings. Optimization is expected to be iterative, as power is optimized new coverage gaps may emerge. The ultimate goal is to improve performance and cover all areas identified for wireless coverage with 802.11n capacity within 18 months.