Artifact Study | Annette Lynch

Annette Lynch

Artifact Study

Due March 9


Library work session: Monday, February 17 - Angela Pratesi - Rod Library 324

Purchase or obtain by donation a vintage artifact.

  1. Observe the artifact
    1. Describe where you got the artifact, who owned it, where you purchased it, etc.
    2. Description of silhouette and detail
    3. Fabric
    4. Damage and wear
    5. Possible function and meaning. For this section use magazines, films, televisions shows produced in the time period to explore the meaning and common function of your artifact. You can also use interview data from the previous owner of the garment to write this section of  your paper. This is one of your longer sections of this project and will draw from the work you do over at Rod Library using primary sources.
    6. Sketches/photographs
  2. Date the artifact
    1. Using costume history books, date the garment within a 10 to 20 year span.  Cite reasons why it cannot be any earlier or later.
    2. Obtain photocopies of at least 5 garments from printed sources of the period (NOT costume history books, or vintage web sites) that are similar to your garment.  Mount your images, and type citation information at the bottom of each page, along with an assigned figure number.
    3. Using your sources date your garment to a specific 5 year period.  Cite reasons why it can't be earlier or later by comparing and contrasting it with your photocopies from magazines of the period (do not use costume history books or vintage web sites)