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Annette Lynch

Assignments and Requirement


All assignments/requirements must be completed to receive a passing grade for the course.  Late submissions will be penalized. In addition, all assignments/requirements must be received by the faculty coordinator in order for the final grade to be given in a timely fashion.  There are deadlines for final grades, set by the registrar’s office that must be adhered to assure a summer graduation date.

Register for the Course

You must register for the course during the Summer School Registration period, which occurs during early March. Budgeting for Summer School is based on who registers in March. Consequently, no students will be admitted into the course on a late basis. No exceptions will be made. Remember, you cannot begin the course for credit unless you have a signed placement agreement.

Attend the Internship Kick-off Meeting

Monday, April 27 3 PM, Latham 232. This is an essential meeting during which final details of the internship will be settled. You MUST attend or you will receive a significant grade penalty. No exceptions will be made. Mark your calendars now! At the meeting you must submit to the UNI Internship Coordinator your internship contact information.

Assignments and Required Documentation/Evaluation

Time Sheets and Journals and Journal Summaries

Hours worked must be documented and signed by the site supervisor.  A copy of a time card/sheet is acceptable. Time sheets must be turned in every 80 hours during the duration of the internship.  Time sheets should be faxed to 319 273 7096 or mailed to Annette Lynch, 2178 Grand Blvd, Waterloo, Iowa 50701.

A written daily journal must be kept by the student that records daily experiences, activities, things learned, reflections, etc...  Daily entries will be submitted electronically to the eLearning site. In addition, a typed journal summary must be done every 80 hours during the internship (four times during the 320 total hours) and submitted electronically to the eLearning site. 

Learning Plan and Internship Calendar

During the first week of the internship, a learning plan and calendar should be developed in consultation with the site supervisor.  It is due at the end of the first week of your internship! This plan (see form in appendix) should include a statement of goals to be accomplished during the internship, responsibilities during the internship, and two brief project proposals. The Internship calendar lays out when the student expects to accomplish the various tasks required.

The Learning Plan and Internship Calendar are so essential to the success of the internship that lateness in submitting them will result in a loss of one letter grade for the entire internship for one week of lateness;  two letter grades loss for two weeks of lateness, and so on!

Project Reports

Two separate projects must be conducted during the internship.  The reports need to be typed, using APA format, and 5 pages in length (excluding visuals, data,...).  These projects must be unique in nature and not something that would ordinarily have been done by an employee at that company.  Pertinent information to be included in these reports are: statement of project objectives, tasks completed in meeting the objectives, description of the outcomes/results of your project and achievement of objectives, your evaluation of the project and its contribution to the company, any visuals of project. The project reports will be submitted electronically to the eLearning site.

Your projects should be negotiated with your site supervisor and your internship coordinator. Your grade on the projects will be largely influenced by the perception of the UNI faculty member.

Student Self-Evaluation

No earlier than the last week of the internship, complete the Student Evaluation Form and send to the faculty coordinator. This must be done on hard copy and mailed or delivered to the faculty coordinator. The thoroughness of your own insight will affect your grade on this self-evaluation.

Site Supervisor Evaluation

No earlier than the last week of the internship, the supervisor must complete the Supervisor Evaluation Form and send to the faculty coordinator.  Be sure that your supervisor has both completed and mailed this form as the final grade cannot be given until all materials are received.