Annette Lynch

Costume History



History of Costume

Spring 2017

Annette Lynch

Faculty Office:  237 Latham, 273-2358, office hours MWF 10 - 11 AM and by appointment


Required Text:

Bivens, Joy L. & Rosemary K. Adams. (2013) Inspiring Beauty: 50 Years of Ebony Fashion Fair. Chicago: Chicago History Musuem.

 Polan, B. & Tredre, R.  (2009). The Great Fashion Designers. Oxford and New York: Berg Publishers

Russell, D. A. (1983) Costume history & style. Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey: Prentice Hall.

Course Objectives:

1.    Provide historical overview of costume history in the United States and Europe.

2.    Introduce students to sources of information and research in costume history.

3.    Introduce students to costume collection management in a museum setting.

4.    Help students understand the relationship between the social construction of gender and the history of costume in Europe and the United States.

5.    Examine the relationship of economic, political, technological, artistic, and social life to costume history.

Course Requirements and Grading System

Exam 1 20% of grade February 14
Exam 2 25% of grade April 4
Final Exam 30% of grade Wed May 3, 8 AM
Vintage Remake & Artifact Study 25 % of grade Due dates listed in Syllabus


Extra Credit Opportunities: Throughout the semester community outreach directed extra credit opportunities will be offered.

Class Policies

Attendance Policy: Students are expected to be at all class sessions. It is the instructor's philosophy that classes should be attended to receive full credit for a college level course. Attendance roll will be taken and penalties assessed for excessive missed classes, medically excused or not. The following penalty schedule will be applied in the class:


more than 5 classes missed - loss of one full grade in course


more than 7 classes missed - loss of two full grades in course


more than 9 classes missed - failure for the entire course


Assignments - Assignments are due in class on the due date. Any work not turned in on time will be marked one grade lower. After the first late week, two grades lower.

Exams - Students who must miss an exam due to extreme illness or other emergency must contact me in advance of the exam in order to arrange a make-up assignment.  Your make-up assignment will be a 20 research paper in the content area of the exam. 

Students with Special Needs:

The Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA) provides protection from discrimination for qualified individuals with disabilities. Students with a disability, who require assistance, will need to contact the Office of Disability Services (ODS) for coordination of academic accommodations. The ODS is located at 213 Students Services Center. Their phone number is 319-273-2676. Students should also feel free to contact the professor if there are accommodations that can be made.



Tentative Schedule

January 10



January 21


Russell 4 and 5


January 17 Vintage Artifact Show and Tell  Vintage Remake Assignment
January 19 Library Research Day


January 24 Byzantine Carolingian Russell 6 and 7
January 26 Gothic Russell 8


January 31 Renaissance  Russell 10
February 2 Early Mannerism Russell 12


February 7 Late Mannerism Russell 13
Febraury 9 Exam Review


February 14 Exam 1  
February 16 Elizabeth Film  


February 21 Elizabeth Film, continued  
February 23 Flamboyant & Classic Baroque Russell 14 & 15


February 28 Rococo and Revolution Russell 16 & 17
March 2 Directoire/French Empire 


March 7 Artifact Study Due


March 9 Marie Antoinette Film Russell 18


March 21 Romantic Russell 19-20
March 23 Victorican  Russell 21


March 28

Victorian cont.

 Vintage Remakes Due
March 30 Exam 2 Review  


Photo Shoot - Monday, April 3rd, 1 to 4 and Tuesday, April 4th, 9 to 4 (with lunch break for Dr. Strauss)

SIGN UP for 5 minute time slot in Latham 261, Dr. Mord's Design/Construction Classroom

April 4

Exam 2

April 6 Twentieth Century, 1900-1920   Great Designers, Part  1


April 11

20th Century, 1930s and 1940s


 Great Designers, Part  2 and 3

 Ebony, pages 8 - 33

April 13 20th Century, 1950s, 1960s, & 1970s

 Great Designers, Part 3

Ebony, pages 34-48



April 18 20th Century, 1980s & 1990s Great Designers, Part 4 and 5
April 20 Exam Review



April 25 Fresh Dressed: The Revolution of Fashion Born on the Streets
April 27 Fresh Dressed: The Revolution of Fashion Born on the Streets


FINAL EXAM:  Wednesday, May 3rd, 8 - 9:50 AM