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Fashion Life Cycles

Fashion Life Cycles

Principles of Life-cycle Curves

Life Cycle Curve: Graphical representation of a frequency distribution showing consumer's acceptance of a specific style. A life-cycle curve is constructed by counting the number of consumers who adopt the style at each point in time and drawing a graph of this acceptance. 

Key Variables:

    1.  The length of time diffusion takes.

    2.  The rate of speed at which consumers adopt the fashion.

    3.  The level of acceptance of the style at each point in time.

Acquisition curve: Shows number of consumers who have acquired style (see Figure 4.2).

Use Curve: Shows the number of consumers currently wearing/using the style (see Figure 4.2).

Use curves typically accelerates as the cumulative adoption increases (see Figure 4.2).

A fashion-life cycle curves depicts the rate and duration of the diffusion process.  See Figure 4.3 in your text, page 96 comparing:

    1. Fad

    2. Fashion

    3. Classic

Categories of Consumer Adopters

    1. Fashion Innovators/Commercial Introduction and High Fashion Promotion

    2. Fashion Opinion Leaders/Early Conformists/ Rising Retail Inventories & Local Promotion

    3. Mass Market Consumers/Mass Merchandising

    4. Late Fashion Followers/Clearance and Obsolescence

    5. Fashion Isolates and Laggards/Clearance and Obsolescence