Innovation Theory | Annette Lynch

Annette Lynch

Innovation Theory

Diffusion of Innovation Theory

I.  Definitions:


Fashion Innovation:

Diffusion of Innovation:

Adoption Process:


Opinion Leader:

Innovative Communicator:

II.  The Concept of a Fashion Innovation:

III.  Characteristics Governing Acceptance of an Innovation:

    A. Relative Advantage:

    B. Compatibility:

    C. Complexity:

    D. Trialability:

    E. Observability:

    F. Perceived Risk:

IV.  The Individual's Decision-Making Process

    A.  Stages of the adoption process (Rogers, 1983)

        - Knowledge

        - Persuasion

        - Decision

        - Implementation

        - Confirmation

    B. Robertson's (1971) model of consumer decision making

        - cognitive activities

        - affective activities

        - behavioral activities

    C.  Wilkie's hierarchy of effects model of consumer behavior

        - Unawareness

        - Awareness

        - Knowledge

        - Liking

        - Trial

        - Use evaluation

        - Adoption

V.  Diffusion of Innovations

VI.  The Influential Leaders of Diffusion

    - Innovators

    - Opinion Leaders

    - Innovative Communicators