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Internship 2015

Summer Internship - 2015


TEXDSGN 4195 Summer Internship is a 4 credit hour requirement for completion of the Textile and Apparel major. The course is designed to serve as a culminating experience. A successful internship experience requires a cooperative, collaborative relationship between the student, the UNI faculty supervisor, and the site supervisor. It should provide a student with the opportunity to apply knowledge and skills and to further their professional development. Because the TAPP program of study allows the student to choose a number of possible career paths, it is the student's responsibility to seek a placement which will maximize their knowledge, skills, interests, and future goals.

There are three audiences you must please during your internship:

  • Yourself - the internship you choose will serve as a foundation for your career. The internship will give you basic experience to help you enter the job market. Consequently, while any internship can be used to get the academic requirement accomplished, the internship you choose can affect where you "break into" the job market.

  • The Company - Companies are interested in their intern's performance. It is highly likely that they will use the internship to judge you as a potential future employee. Furthermore, interns are often assigned important tasks that the company expects to be executed well.

  • The UNI Faculty - It is important to never forget that you are earning 4 academic credits during your internship! Consequently, as in any course, you are responsible for completing all course requirements well and in a timely manner to get a good grade.

Basic Requirements

Register for the Course - You must register for the course during the Summer School Registration period, which occurs during early March. Budgeting for Summer School faculty is based on who registers in March. Consequently, no students will be admitted into the course on a late basis. No exceptions. You must be a TAPP major to register for the course and must have a GPA minimum of 2.0. The past couple of years, registration has occurred through Continuing Education, which involves getting permission through the department office to get you registered properly.

Submit Paper Portfolio (10% of final grade): Due for Display at Catwalk 23.

Complete a Placement Agreement Form with the Internship Company and have it approved by the UNI faculty coordinator. Please remember, you cannot begin an internship for credit unless the Placement Agreement Form is completed and signed off by the faculty member. No exceptions will be made.

Attend Internship Kick-off Meeting – Monday, April 27, 3 PM, Latham 201.

This is an essential meeting during which final details of the internship will be settled. You MUST attend or you receive a grade penalty. So mark your calendars now.

At the meeting, you must submit to the UNI Internship Coordinator your internship contact information.

Using UNI eLearning is a course requirement. Please submit all work and communicate with me only through eLearning. eLearning has its own internal email system. I will write to you via eLearning email and expect you to communicate with me the same way. Please do not send me Hotmail, UNI Gmail, etc. as they may not be read!.

Assignments that are to be uploaded in the "Assignment Section" of eLearning (journal summaries, learning plans, and project summaries) should be done with Microsoft Word, or as a last resort, saved as a .rtf (rich text format) document and uploaded.

All assignments/requirements must be completed in a timely fashion to receive the best possible or even a passing grade for the course. Late submissions will be penalized. I must insist that all your materials be submitted within a week of the last day of your internship in order to avoid stiff grade penalties. It is bad form to leave loose ends for too long during the summer.

There are deadlines for final grades, set by the registrar's office, which must be adhered to ensure a summer graduation date. Your course materials, however, should be completely submitted at least a week earlier than date set by the registrar in order to give the UNI faculty coordinator time to review them. The final grade submission date given to me for this year is August 6, so assignments must be turned in one week in advance of that date if you are planning for an end of summer graduation. For those of you who are not graduating, I can submit an incomplete and submit your final grade when you finish up later in August.

Late Assignments: assignments submitted late are penalized in the following manner. Automatic loss of one full grade when turned in a day past initial due date. Loss of two full grades when submitted one week late. Loss of three full grades when submitted three weeks late. Grade of zero after a four week period. Due dates will be established congruent with your internship calendar.

Time Sheets and Journals and Journal Summaries (20% of final grade) -

Hours worked must be documented and signed by the site supervisor. A copy of a time card/sheet is acceptable. Time sheets should be mailed in every 80 hours. Paycheck stubs can also be used to document work hours. The summer mailing address is: Annette Lynch, 2178 Grand Blvd, Waterloo, Iowa 50701

A written daily journal must be kept by the student that records daily experiences, activities, reflections, etc... Daily entries will be submitted to the eLearning site in the area designated "Class Discussion," where you will have a space allocated solely for your journal. Please submit DAILY to avoid grade penalties.

A typed journal summary must be done every 80 hours during the internship (four times during the 320 total hours) and submitted electronically within the eLearning site. The journal summary serves the purpose of causing you to step back and look at the previous 80 hour period with some overall perspective. The journal summary is submitted in the form of a word processor document within the "Assignments Section" of eLearning.

Learning Plan and Internship Calendar (10% of final grade)

During the first week of the internship, a learning plan and internship calendar should be developed in consultation with the site supervisor and then promptly submitted to Dr. Lynch. It is due at the end of the first week of your internship! This plan should include a statement of goals to be accomplished during the internship, responsibilities during the internship, and summaries of two brief project proposals that you intend to do. Follow the general guidelines of the "Learning Plan Form"; however, retype it using Microsoft Word and submit it electronically in the "Assignment Section" of eLearning.

The learning plan MUST BE SIGNED by your site supervisor. You keep the signed copy; however, you send me an electronic copy through eLearning. If you send me a copy, I will assume that you have signed copy in your possession. Failure to have signed copy in your possession is a violation of UNI's policy on Academic Honesty and Ethics.

The Internship calendar lays out when the student expects to accomplish their various tasks. You will be held accountable for the dates that you set. You should upload your calendar to me in the assignment section of eLearning entitled "Internship Calendar." Please use the following dates and format for your internship calendar:

Starting date

  • Date due for learning plan and calendar (one week after start date)

  • Ending date for each 80 hour internship interval

  • Project proposal #1 due date (160 hours into internship)

  • Project proposal #2 due date (one week before internship completion)

Last day of internship

The Learning Plan and Internship Calendar are so essential to the success of the internship that lateness in submitting them will result in a loss of one letter grade for the entire internship for one week of lateness; two letter grades loss for two weeks of lateness, and so on!

I suggest you draft your learning plan before your internship begins so that you can submit it on time. When you enter your work site, you really must begin work on your learning plan at once to meet your first deadline!

If you need help getting your site supervisor to work with you to develop your learning planning contact Dr. Lynch at once.

Project Reports (30% of final grade) - Two separate projects must be conducted during the internship. The reports need to be typed and 5 pages in length (excluding visuals, data,...). These projects should be unique in nature, as opposed to daily routine tasks that you may be assigned to do. Pertinent information to be included in these reports are: statement of project objectives, tasks completed in meeting the objectives, description of the outcomes/results of your project and achievement of objectives, your evaluation of the project and its contribution to the company, any visuals of project.

The first project is due mid-way through the internship.

The second is due one week before completion of the internship.

The project reports will created as Microsoft Word documents and be submitted electronically to the eLearning site.

Your projects should be negotiated with your site supervisor and your internship coordinator. Your grade on the projects will be largely influenced by the perception of the UNI faculty member.

Student Self-Evaluation (Required for grade to be entered into system, not graded) - No earlier than the last week of the internship, complete the Student Evaluation Form and send to the faculty coordinator. This must be done on paper and faxed (319 273 7096), mailed or delivered personally to the faculty coordinator. The thoroughness of your own insight will affect your grade on this self-evaluation.

Site Supervisor Evaluation (30% of final grade) - No earlier than the last week of the internship, the supervisor must complete the Supervisor Evaluation Form and sent or faxed (319 273 7096) to the faculty coordinator. Be sure that your supervisor has both completed and submitted this form as the final grade cannot be given until all materials are received.

Final overall assessment by your Professor - Your professor reserves the right to raise or lower internship grades by a full grade depending upon mitigating circumstances. Lack of following the course requirements and staying within the course's intents and time frames can result in grade penalties.

Disappearing for an extended period of time during the internship course or when final course requirements are due within a week of the end of your internship can result in automatic course failure. Consequently, the internship will have to be repeated to graduate.

Organizational Information - Please send the faculty coordinator this information as soon as possible: business card(s) of supervisor, company literature/information (booklets, brochures, handouts,...), and a completed information sheet.

The Internship Handbook, which contains more supporting details and Internship forms are available on this web site.

You must have Adobe Acrobat Reader to access the forms. If you need the software, click on the Adobe icon and follow instructions.


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