Internship Learning Plan | Annette Lynch

Annette Lynch

Internship Learning Plan




During the first week of your placement consult with your site supervisor in formulating your goals, learning activities, responsibilities, and special projects.  Mail this to your faculty coordinator with your first journal set and time sheet.  Give a copy to your site supervisor and keep a copy for your records and use.


Student’s Name_________________________________________________________________



Organization/Placement Site______________________________________________________


Internship Starting and Ending Dates_______________________________________________


Student’s Position Title and Description____________________________________________




LEARNING GOALS:  Include a statement of 7-10 goals to be accomplished during the internship.  Keep a copy of your goals for inclusion in your journal so you can break them down into specific tasks and record your progress.  (Attach on a separate sheet of paper)



RESPONSIBILITIES AND ACTIVITIES:  Describe expectations for the internship.  (Attach on a separate sheet of paper)



PROJECT PROPOSALS (TWO):  Briefly describe your planned projects.  (Attach on separate sheets of paper)



Acceptance of this learning plan is agreed on by the parties signing below:


Student__________________________________________           Date____________________


Site Supervisor____________________________________            Date____________________


Faculty Coordinator________________________________            Date____________________