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Annette Lynch

Internship Procedures



Enrollment in TEXDSGN 4195 is limited to students who are declared majors in the Textile and Apparel program. In addition, students must have a 2.0 GPA and and must register during the spring period of summer school registration. No late registrations are permitted.

Selecting an internship site

Students are expected to prepare a resume, attend the UNI Career Fair, and learn about job seeking skills. Assistance can be found at the Office of Placement and Career Services. Students are responsible for seeking and obtaining placement sites, in consultations with and approved by the faculty coordinator for that particular year. Students are expected to seek placements which will provide experiences to compliment and further their strengths, interests, and future goals.

Enrollment and Graduation Information

Students are not allowed to enroll in any other academic hours during the summer in which the internship is conducted.

Senior students not returning to campus often elect to go through May graduation ceremonies before starting their internship, with the degree awarded at the end of the summer semester providing all requirements are met. Senior students returning to campus for the fall semester following their internship typically go through December graduation ceremonies, with the degree awarded at the end of the fall semester providing all requirements are met. Students completing their internship in the summer between their junior and senior years would go through graduation ceremonies at the completion of program requirements. This plan permits and encourages students to seek placement in locations other that the Cedar Falls/Waterloo area. It also encourages placement in training programs if the students so desires.